Leo De Verzay by…

Scott Disick (aka Lord Disick), from the reality series “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” and currently on the hit Hulu series “The Kardashians”, is also well known for his successful entrepreneurship. He has an appreciation for elegance and an attraction to the finer things in life. He is an aficionado of luxury cars and the finest timepieces, and like his distinguished suits, LDV felt tailored, commanding attention with its superior craftsmanship and taste.

Scott Disick has successfully launched several brands and believes that his latest venture with Leo de Verzay Champagne will be no different. Scott has teamed up with serial entrepreneur and celebrity brand builder, Brad Turk, and eighth-generation wine grower, Charlotte Chaudron, to bring you the very best champagne on the market today. The brand embodies not only what he looks for in a champagne but in his lifestyle. Scott believes it has the look and taste of luxury that a self-proclaimed lord would drink.

Leo de Verzay Champagne is everything the Champagne experience has come to represent and does so with an irrepressibly artistic and powerful personality. Leo de Verzay’s appeal to both the jetsetters and connoisseurs comes from the attention to detail in both the bottle presentation and its exceptional quality, made from the very best grapes rooted in the Premier and Grand Cru villages in the Champagne region of France. Only found in Europe and produced by Maison Chaudron’s 200-year-old family vineyard, it was ripe for Scott to bring to the US market.

Get ready to Experience the Taste of Luxury!